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Gallery Artist Ankara , 13 October – 8 November 2010

Zekine Kundukan’s solo exhibition is in Galeri Artist Ankara between 13 October – 8 November 2010
Promising young artist Zekine Kundukan with her expressionist manner problematizes the morbid parts of family that are unquestionable, untouchable and even shaded into taboo, through a search as an insider aiming to get to the bottom of this normalized and banalized nature of this institution which also shapes the social memory.
She defines patriarchal praxis as the sum of perversion in families representing society as the least elements of it, where the power and the shape of this praxis vary according to the social dynamics even it’s global position of being status quo never changes. The rooted praxis, that also implies the social memory, lies beyond customs and traditions and is obviously visible when the alienation of women from their body, nature and identity, in other words depersonalization, unsatisfaction or othering of women is no secret while satisfaction is only conditioned to the continuity of this structure itself, even it is pegged down or not.
Construction of patriarchy in family
Zekine Kundukan uses or reinterprets the images arisen out of collective memory in her artworks those point out the contraposition in motivation of gender identity reconnoitering processes of boys and girls, women’s obligation to transform their body’s regeneration into men’s nature of consumption in order to provide the continuity of patriarchal structure, and the dominant role of masculine culture in girls’ pubescence acceleratingly played in a manner of exhibitionism.
Exhibition Opening: 13 October 2010
Coctail: 18:00

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