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‘Art at Akmerkez’ , 13 August - 13 September 2010

Art at Akmerkez again!
Akmerkez is reorginizing ‘Art at Akmerkez’ exhibitions that aims to make art indispensable part of daily life. Akmerkez has done the honours of ‘Art at Akmerkez’ since 2003, and this time is bringing the audience together with six of most famous Turkish artists’ works between 4 May and 22 December 2010.

The events start with Burhan Dogancay’s exhibition on 4 May and continue with Genco Gulan, Zekine Kundukan, Ferruh Basaga, Filiz Azak and Tomur Atagok solo exhibitions in order. Additionally, a group exhibition involving Omer Uluc, Ozdemir Altan, Bedri Baykam, Burhan Dogancay, Tomur Atagok, Bubi and Komet’s works will be with art-lovers.

Zekine Kundukan’s recent artworks in which she paints the social traumas shaped with sociological, traditional and familial constratints will be displayed in a solo exhibition organized within ‘Art at Akmerkez’ between 13 August – 13 September 2010.

Nispetiye Str. Ulus / Etiler Istanbul